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Types of road salt

Types of road salt

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Types of road salt

FAMsalt road salt equals quality. Our standards for the road salt are kept up by doing regular quality checks by certified and independent laboratories. On request, we can use additives to our products to enhance efficiency (do more with less) with care for the environment.
When it comes to road salt, there are different kinds that each has their specific value. Here at FAMsalt we prefer to use rocksalt of the highest quality, and from specifically chosen sources. Your salt comes from all over the world. By chosing our sources wisely there is always a consistent source of supply available at any time of the year, thus making FAMsalt a reliable wholesale partner.
The road salt is mined from salt mines in the following countries. 

Chile - Egypt - Morocco - Turkey - Yemen

To receive more information about the different specifications of each mine, you can click the country names. 

Types of packaging
When it comes to packaging, there are several options made readily available. Not sure which solution is best or most profitable for your needs? Feel free to use our order calculator: after inputting the amount of surface you need to cover, FAMsalt can recommend a solution to you.

Bucket - 5/10 kg
Bag 10/25 kg
Big bag 1,000/1,500 kg
Bulk 25,000 kg