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Our services


Here at FAMsalt we offer various services besides delivery. Let us guide you through them.


On demand
Our capacity in storage and distribution of grit and road salt is very extensive. That is why FAMsalt can guarantee delivery according to the ‘on demand’ or ‘call off’ principle. This means that the grit will be readily available for you whenever you need it.


It often happens that road salt is harder to get near the end of winter due to high demand, but we at FAMsalt have taken this into account. We can guarantee short term delivery even near the end of the season. We are very punctual and reliable when it comes to this point. 


Consignment stock
If you choose to buy the salt but have no storage room for it, our consignment stock option allows you to purchase the salt and leave it in our compound until you need it. You always own the stock and can pick it up or have it delivered whenever you like.


Custom packaging
There is a range of packaging sizes available when ordering, ranging from small packs of 5-15 kg, and even in bulk up to 25,000 kg. Not entirely what you are looking for? Need to have special features or options that are not mentioned on our website? FAMsalt offers personalized packaging or sizes that fit your needs.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any requests. 


Special preparation
Need to have different types of additives added to your order of road salt? Our equipment and installations are up for the job.  You can find more information about this on our website.