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The largest salt storage in Germany

 (04.11.2011) Grevenbroich (NGZ). Grevenbroich is the new site for the national reserve of de-icing salt: In a warehouse in the eastern industrial zone there will be storage by mid-december for 28 000 tonnes, more than a quarter of the total stock, that can be distributed in times of shortages. [ Read more...]

Salt reserves for North Rhine-Westphalia will be stored in three warehouses 

(25.11.2011) Gelsenkirchen – Thanks to a salt reserve of 100.000  tons, the bottlenecks  in treatment of ice and snow of the last winters will be avoided this winter season in North Rhine-Westphalia. [Read more...]

The deliveries stagger because the barges cannot navigate.

(29.12.2011) Saerbeck – The low water levels on the Rhine imply the jamming of the inland waterways – you may think that this lets Münsterland cold, which was not the case. The weather grills during the driest november from living memory makes the filling of the salt storage of the former ammunition depot in Saerbeck stagnate. [Read more...]

Sachsen-Anhalt (Germany) stores salt for emergency.

(18.11.2011) About 40,000 tonnes of salt is stored in Haldensleben, Bülstringen as a national reserve of de-icing salt for the winter. As the Ministry of Transport's told us last Friday, the motorways will be free in case of extreme and prolonged winter precipitations. [Read more...]

The salt comes from the Henrich Park today

(04.11.2011) Hattingen. The city is preparing for the winter: 250 tons of de-icing salt was delivered, and in total 1,250 tons is requested. [Read more...]

The minister opens the salt warehouse

(26.11.2011) Grevenbroich -Straβen NRW (the state enterprise of North Rhine Westphalia for roads development and maintenance service) installs a large salt storage as a national salt reserve in the eastern industrial area. Yesterday the Minister Harry Voigstberger visited the gigantic warehouse. The first tons of road salt from Morocco have now been stored. [Read more...]